Join the Ensurise team - a different approach to agency perpetuation and growth

The mission of Ensurise is to deliver superior insurance solutions for our clients and growth for our agency partners through a local network of enhanced capabilities and expertise. Ensurise partners with exceptional agencies who share our values and vision to achieve this goal.

Ensurise's Key Value Propositions Include:

  • Ensurise offers agency partners operational autonomy with the benefits of additional organic and acquisition growth opportunities. As producers ourselves, we know the importance of market access, sales resources, administrative support and client development.
  • We enable agency principals to monetize a key asset while retaining ownership in an organization poised for aggressive growth and expansion. This leads to further value creation for our partners as we execute on the Ensurise vision.
  • We are sensitive to the many concerns of an agency seller and respect the importance of identity, culture, minimization of bureaucracy and the treatment and development of employees. We have considerable flexibility in the structuring of transactions and operation of the business. We build long-term relationships with agency leaders and believe that the success of any deal - whether an agency sale or binding of coverage - is determined not at closing but in the months and years that follow. Our reputation is our currency and we stand by our word.
  • With extensive insurance mergers & acquisitions experience, we will move quickly to evaluate your business and propose how we can best work together. We have an efficient and professional process in place and know how to address key issues up front. 
  • We have deep local roots and are committed to the region. We have a compelling story and culture of success that will attract top-tier, entrepreneurial-minded talent to help our partners serve a growing market that is full of opportunity.

If you believe Ensurise might be a good fit for your perpetuation strategy, please contact us.